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Motorhome owners asked to clean up when they leave

Keith Fearn, chairman of Weston-Super –Mare’s Hotel and Restaurant Association has claimed that motorhomes staying overnight in the towns car parks are leaving a mess when they drive off. He wants them to be subject to stricter rules after rubbish was left on Madeira car park in Madeira Road at the weekend.

Keith believes that the litter and the mess being left behind are both unhealthy and unsightly and leaves local residents with a poor opinion of motor home owners. It has led to numerous complaints from residents who have called on Somerset Council to make sure the towns car parks are policed better to deter campers from dumping rubbish. They also argue that motorhomes should not even be able to stay overnight in a council owned car park.

Keith Fearn said: “It is something that needs to be looked at. I don’t know how the council looks at it, whether it’s alright as long as the vehicle has a ticket in the window. I think the council needs to enforce the car parks a bit more late at night. I would have thought with motorhomes, you can see the gas canisters and it is obvious someone is sleeping in it. But the campers know at midnight they will be alright.”

Last week the council gave the green light to Beach Race organisers RHL to use Beach Lawns as a camp site during the event next month for motorhomes, camper vans and tents. It is a decision that has been backed by Mr Fearn as long as the campers behave themselves. Many mobile home owners have already taken out motorhome insurance and booked their place on Beach Lawn. The organisers are confident that because the campers will be in a controlled and compact area, they will be able to manage all the visitors and make sure there is no extra noise or rubbish to annoy local residents.

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