motorhome starter kit

Motorhome Starter Kits

couple with a new motorhomeWere you one of the lucky ones who had a new motorhome sitting under the tree on Christmas eve? Perhaps you’ve been promised a new four-wheeled friend or you’re looking to hit the January sales over the coming weeks? Whatever you’re looking for, it’s important to remember that motorhomes don’t just run by themselves; you’ll need a good set of accessories and peripherals that will really make your motorhome experience considerably easier.

Cleaning and Care

Motorhomes are machines; they’re not like computer software which gets set up once and run forever. Dirty mechanisms will run poorly and will wear your motorhome quicker than you can imagine. To ensure longevity, it really is worth investing some time and money purchasing a few specialist cleaning items.

Driver Accessories

Holidays can be quite pressured situations and when things go wrong on your one week away a year it can be immensely frustrating. Take the time to make your life easier! Why not look out for a Satnav, or at least a good selection of maps, a good pair of anti-glare sunglasses, and some stocks for the glove box. It’s amazing what a few strategically placed jelly beans can do for your spirits!

Third Party Protection

There are some motorhome incidents you just can’t do anything about, and for that you’ll need some help. A motorhome insurance policy is a legal necessity, but you’ll also want to think seriously about taking out breakdown cover and potentially a tracker which will help find your motorhome if its stolen. You need to be honest with yourself here: sorting these things out two years down the line could be too late! Get on it before you need to.

There’s always more to add to a motorhome, but that’s really a part of the fun! Make sure you’re well covered by third parties and that you spend a bit of time on those things that can make running a motorhome so much easier. It will be worth it in the long run.

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