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New Zealand Company designs innovative new Caravan

A company based in New Zealand called W2 Design Company has come up with a new concept for a caravan that is completely different to any design seen before. The caravan, named the Romotow (a combination of the words “room to tow”) fold out like a Swiss Army Knife, meaning that it offers up to seventy per cent more living space than the average caravan currently on the market.

The living area of the Romatow swivels out from the exterior shell at a ninety degree angle, giving the owners a living area and an extra outdoor area which can be used for BBQs or just extra living space. It has been in development for over three years, and only recently has the company released images of it, however they are yet to build prototypes and they have said it could take yet another three years until we see this model on the market.

The tourer is “architecturally designed”, and has a completely curved look unlike most caravans which are more blocky. The design also includes a new balancing system that can support it when opened up, and is made of lightweight material to make sure that the extra room doesn’t lead to the caravan becoming too heavy to tow. The designers have also claimed that they are planning on making three versions of the vehicle, ranging from 4.5, 6.5, and nine metres long, all of which should be able to fit into a traditional campsite pitch, however once is unfolded could prove a problem which the designers are yet to address.

W2 already have patents registered for the product, and are currently in talks with caravan manufacturers in the United States to try and make their concept into a reality within the next few years. It will be interesting to see how the introduction of new caravans to the market will change the face of motorhoming and caravanning, and to see how caravan insurance companies and campsite owners will adapt to these changes.

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