Motorhome Storage

Motorhome Storage

Though it would be really fantastic to be able to be out on the road all the year round, the reality for most of us is a job during the week and only the opportunity for the odd getaway once in a while. For many people, the times when you’re not out using your motorhome or campervan can be a little problematic in terms of storage. Keeping your vehicle safe and secure when it’s not on the road is really important so here’s a few tips to help you out.


Even if you have a driveway you might find that your property deeds say you’re not actually able to use it. Though most smaller campervans will usually bypass regulations, larger motorhomes and fixed caravans can be problematic and in some areas there may be legislation to stop parking on your driveway as some deem them unsightly. Be sure to check out the situation in your area with your local authority.

Private Garages

A private garage can be an ideal solution to parking up and you can make sure that your vehicle or caravan is secure year round. Make sure the security on your garage is up to spec, if you’re storing say a vintage model or something super-valuable you’ll want to think about putting multiple locks on your garage door – people can be determined if they really want what is inside.

Local storage

If you just don’t have the space at home a rented garage in the local area is a good solution. It might cost you but it’s better than leaving your pride and joy exposed to the elements. Good storage might even save you a little money on your motorhome insurance – if your insurer knows that it’s secure when not in use they might be inclined to reduce your premium.

Storage can be costly and a bit of a headache so have a good think about the solution that is right for you. Make sure wherever you decide to store your vehicle it is reasonably weatherproof and protected from the risk of theft. Don’t even give anyone the opportunity!

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