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New campsite plan angers residents

Residents of Rossendale are ready for a battle after plans to open a camping and caravan park on the site of a former scrap yard were unveiled. They are angry about the plans saying that the disruption from additional traffic would be unbearable and the noise will keep them awake.

Residents are fearful that the camp, which will have six pitches for portable homes, will attract travellers rather than tourists. However, supporters of the caravan park claim not enough is being done to promote Rossendale valley as a beautiful tourist destination and a caravan camp would help to fulfil a vital need.

Planning agent Ben Edmondson said: “Rossendale boasts some of East Lancashire’s most scenic hills and fells and should be enjoyed by tourists as well as locals. There are no affordable sites to camp or stay close to these hills and quarries. They are not using or spending money in local shops and businesses. This site would mean people stay in Rossendale, tourism would increase and subsequently local businesses would benefit.”

Mr Edmondson is being supported by the Lancashire and Blackpool Tourist Board who have confirmed that there is a lack of accommodation in the valley. The proposed site would help to increase overnight stays in the area and the Tourist Board have also noted a growing increase in the number of UK residents who are camping.

A fact borne out by local insurers who report an increase in sales of campervan insurance. The plans which have been submitted show a house on site that will be used as the main office and increased parking for visitors. Planning officers believe the extra traffic volume would be negligible but the final decision will be made by the borough council’s Development Control Committee, who are meeting before Christmas.

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