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New TomTom Product on the Right Lines for Motorhome Users

Campervan and motorhome enthusiasts have been specifically targeted by one of the world’s leading satellite navigation producers with the launch of a new motoring accessory.

Dutch manufacturers TomTom are recognised throughout the world for their many products centred around satellite navigation systems but their latest offering the TomTom GO LIVE Camper & Caravan has been designed with the touring fraternity in mind. In the past GPS devices have been blamed for several motorhome insurance claims where motorhome drivers have damaged their vehicle when going down routes not entirely suitable for motorhomes. It has been an ongoing problem exacerbated by the fact that mobilehome drivers are often in places that are unfamiliar to them as they travel across the country, but this new offering should alleviate many of the problems.

The new sat-nav contains software that will configure a route that is appropriate for a motorhome because it takes into account the vehicles weight, height and maximum speed, which should eradicate misdirection. It is certainly not cheap at just under £350 but you do get up to date weather forecasts, real-time traffic information with TomTom’s HD Traffic, and Google Local Search functionality included in the purchase price.

TomTom Executive, Marielke Nieuwerth-van den Akker, launched the product saying “Many customers have been in touch requesting navigation designed specifically for their camper or caravan. The launch of the GO LIVE Camper & Caravan puts an end to unnecessary detours and unwanted surprises. Not only does it calculate the very best routes, it is also a great source of relevant information on the journey including points of interest relevant to the camping fraternity.”

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