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Non-Starters: Winter Problems with Motorhomes

It’s that difficult period between Christmas and New Year again, and, if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably over consumed at Christmas and getting started again seems like a bit of a big deal! Don’t worry though, motorhomes feel exactly the same and when it’s cold and they’ve been switched off for some time they just don’t want to get going again! How can you ensure your motorhome will start up when requested, and how can you keep it going through the winter?

Regular Checks

There is no substitute for regularly turning the engine over a few times during the winter. Try not to leave your motorhome much more than a week or two without turning the ignition and making sure it goes. You may want to take it for a quick drive around the houses, but normally just getting the ignition firing is enough to keep things moving.

Keep the Levels Up

Make sure you keep the oil and antifreeze levels topped up and ensure you have enough fuel in the tank over the winter to get you to at least to the next big town. Fuel supplies can be tight during the winter and repeatedly starting a motorhome that just won’t go can drain a lot of fuel. Make sure you have enough to get you through and, if not, it’s handy to keep a spare canister in your garage.

Winter Blues

If your motorhome just isn’t starting, don’t fear too much. If it’s not an emergency then leave it for a day or two, perhaps wait for the winter to get a little warmer and try again. If, after repeated attempts it’s still not going, you may want to give your motorhome insurance provider a call and bring in a mechanic. It is better to deal with the problem outright rather than letting it become an emergency when you want to go away in the summer! Winter can be a tough time for everyone, motorhomes included, so make sure you’re giving yours the care and attention it needs throughout the Christmas period!

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