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Older Drivers on the Increase


Over the next ten years it is predicted that the amount of people driving over the age of 80 will increase by 25 per cent. This means the total number could be 1,283,000.


During retirement, this is the most likely time to buy a motorhome, and if more and more people are going to carry on driving past 80 this means the motorhome industry should see a welcome increase in sales. This is also true for motorhome insurance providers, more vehicles mean more policies!


However, this may mean that older driver’s motorhome insurance policies are a little higher than other drivers due to risk. On top of this the Government are planning on introducing a new law where drivers older than 70 will have to do both the practical and theory test. This can cost in excess of £100 not even considering the option of extra lessons.


It is predicted, that a retiree will enjoy 20 years of travelling around in a motorhome or campervan. What better time to visit all those places in England that have been neglected for sunnier climes as holiday destinations. This will come at a cost though if the Institute of Advanced Motorists do not win their campaign to stop this new law.

According to statistics nearly 10 million people will live till they are at least 100, meaning they will probably be going on holiday in their children’s motorhome, who by this time will be at least 70. The years of experience driving these vehicles will work in their favour when it comes to getting a policy but could still be pricey.

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