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Police Launch Crackdown on Speeding Motorists

Motorhome users driving in the Borders area of Scotland will be under careful scrutiny this week as the local police force looks to crackdown on speeding drivers in rural locations.

Figures released by the Lothian and Borders Police Authority show a disappointing increase in the number of motorists caught speeding and drink driving in the area and police are determined to reverse the trend before the holiday season gets into full swing. The quiet roads of rural Scotland change dramatically in the summer months and vehicles typically covered with motorhome or campervan insurance make up a large part of the visiting drivers.

With a total of almost 12,000 drivers apprehended for speeding offences in April and March, Chief Superintendent Derek Robertson is determined to put a stop to the increasing number of violations. He said: “We know the impact speeding has on control of vehicles and the severity of accidents. It’s very disappointing to see a rise in the number of drivers caught speeding in built-up areas when much has been done to raise awareness of the dangers. This new campaign will focus on rural roads as we move into summer and more people take advantage of the weather to travel into the countryside. They are often not used to driving there and wrongly feel that the quieter roads mean they can increase their speed.”

The blitz on speeding drivers will start this week with the police using both marked and unmarked vehicles to catch offenders. The report wasn’t all bad news though. Despite an increase of 9% in speeding drivers and a slight increase in drink driving there was good news on figures involving drivers not wearing seatbelts and motorists using hand held mobile phone devices. Both offences showed significant falls of 25% and 21% respectively.

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