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Motorhome Security and Lost Keys


We all know that sinking feeling that happens when you’re looking for you keys and there’s not much worse than the sudden realisation that you’ve lost them. The impact of losing your keys can be disastrous, and could leave you in a very difficult situation, so make sure you’re prepared for the worst…

Keeping a Spare

It sounds obvious, but so many motorhome owners keep their spare keys either locked away at home or actually in their motorhome. Of course, neither of these options will be much use if you find yourself locked out while travelling! It’s actually advised to have more than one spare and travel with one and keep one at home for absolute emergencies. If you’re travelling with a partner, ensure you each have a key on you.

Security Concerns

If your keys are lost or stolen, do think seriously about the implications. Thieves are a clever bunch and if you’ve left any details of your motorhome lying around with you keys then there is a high chance they may attempt to steal your vehicle too. Equally, if you keep your motorhome keys on the same loop as your house keys, avoid programming any obvious pre-sets to your satnav: a ‘home’ setting will be too easy for thieves.

Recovery and Repair

If you can’t get in to your motorhome then you’ll need to call your motorhome insurance provider for a recovery. In all likelihood, you’ll be required to change the locks of your motorhome. This can be an expensive affair so it’s definitely best avoided. Expect, also, for there to be a delay in the recovery period: you may end up waiting three or four hours for a pickup, depending on the provider.

The best tactic with keys is to develop a system that works and stick to it. Everyone makes mistakes and forgets things, but if you have an easily accessible backup you’ll have no problem. Keep a spare handy and if you do lose your keys, don’t make things easy for possible thieves.

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