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Police working with motorhome owners on new security initiative

Police in Dyfed and Powys are launching a motorhome security initiative in an effort to combat the increasing number of burglaries. Police are urging owners of mobile homes to be vigilant and make sure that they maintain security which will avoid them having to make a claim on their motorhome insurance policy.

The police decided to act after a spate of burglaries from motorhomes in Ceredigion where the thieves are targeting empty motorhomes with an easy escape route in case they are disturbed. They are targeting small side windows to gain access. Owners are being advised by the Community Safety Officer for Ceredigion to install good quality window locks as well as robust door locks which will make it more difficult to be forced open. Desirable items such as flat screen TVs, DVD players, games consoles and laptops are the favoured electrical items for most motorhome thieves, as they are of high value and they can sell them very quickly.

Community Safety PC Pat Jalloal said: “I would encourage owners to ensure that these items are removed from the motorhome during unoccupied times. It will also be advantageous to mark properties with UV pens, which can be obtained from a large number of shops or the Aberystwyth Police Station. Owners should ensure that CCTV systems and external site lighting is in good working order to assist the police and act as a deterrent.”

Police in Ceredigion plan to conduct high-visibility patrols throughout the county. Not all burglars are targeting motorhomes after careful planning, some are opportunists so it is important that expensive equipment is not left unattended and on display. Thieves are not just targeting mobile homes that are unoccupied; they also target motorhomes that are left unattended for just a few minutes. Police in Ceredigion will also be using Smartwater technology as this will link the burglar to the crime.

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