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Post-Festival Motorhome Care

Last week we looked at how to prepare your motorhome for Glastonbury festival and ways to keep it safe during the weekend. Now, one of the biggest festivals in the UK has ended, and many people are only just getting back from their weekend adventure. We know that the first thing most people will do is have a hot shower and a good night’s rest, however that doesn’t mean you should neglect your motorhome…

Don’t put it off

While it may be tempting to keep putting off cleaning your motorhome, the fact of the matter is that the longer you leave it the worse it’s going to be when you finally do clean it out. Obviously you will be tired from your long weekend when you first get home and will want to rest, which is fine, however you need to make sure you set a day where you are going to clean your vehicle. If you have to go back to work you may struggle to find time before this weekend, however you could do just a few bits and bobs in the evenings. Taking the rubbish out requires minimal effort and will ensure that your motorhome doesn’t attract any unwanted guests!

Inspect the damage

When you start to clean your motorhome one of the first things you will need to do is have a good look around and see what damage there is and what you will need to do to fix it. If you are a tidy camper then you may find that it only needs a good clean and maybe the odd light bulb replacing, however if you were one of those festival goers who joined in the mud fights you will probably have a lot more work on your hands! Furthermore, if you failed to do your washing up on the weekend, or managed to burn one or two dinners, you may find that you will have to replace some pots and pans. This can all add up, so if you know what to expect then you can start budgeting to get your vehicle back to its best.


Mud, water and food were all probably spilled on your motorhome at one point during the weekend, and these things need to be properly cleaned up otherwise they can cause a lot of damage. Mud and water can really soak into upholstery and carpets, and if left for a long enough period of time can turn into damp or mould which will smell and can even be dangerous. If this happens you will have to claim on your motorhome insurance in order to replace your upholstery, which means that your premiums could increase. To prevent this it’s imperative that you invest in some proper cleaning products and scrub your entire motorhome until it’s completely clean. You should also leave your windows and doors open to let it air out and dry as much as possible, that way you will know damp shouldn’t be a problem.

Give your motorhome some TLC

It’s not just you that’s tired and needs a rest after the festival – in fact your motorhome could probably do with some TLC too! Post-festival is a great time to give your vehicle a thorough inspection and see if there is any maintenance that needs to be done. In our previous article we advised motorhome owners to check their oil and water levels as well as their tyre pressures before heading off, however if you travelled a long way to get to Glastonbury and back it would be wise for you to do this again. It’s also a great time to check for general wear and tear on your motorhome such as broken window seals, creaking doors or worn down windscreen wipers. The great thing about doing some proper maintenance on your motorhome after a festival is that you will be able to see the difference and it means that if you want to go on a trip in the near future your vehicle will be as ready as you are!

Having a post-festival clean out is essential for all motorhome owners as not only does it mean that it’s ready for its next adventure but also that it will last for a number of years. Remember, when it comes to motorhomes you get out what you put in, so look after yours and your vehicle will be able to go to Glastonbury year after year!

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