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Renting Out Classic Campers

If you’re lucky enough to have a classic campervan parked on your driveway but you only use it every so often then you might be missing out on a great opportunity to make a little bit of money out of what you already have. These days, VW Transporters or other classic campervans are very popular wedding cars and also desirable for school proms or dances where you need to make an entrance. How can you go about renting your camper to other users?

Advertising Locally

Probably the hardest thing if you’re thinking of letting a camper is drumming up the business regularly. You can try two channels, either private advertising or going through an agency. Advertising privately online or through social media can be really effective because you won’t pay any costs to anybody else, but special occasion car hire companies attract considerably more business. Most of your customers will be local, so don’t underestimate the power of newspaper of trading adverts, too.

Cleaning and Charges

Of course you’ll have to ensure your campervan is spotless if you’re looking for it to be taken out by others and you’ll need to make sure it’s returned spotless too. From your fee you should take out a cleaning charge and get the job done professionally, especially if you’re looking to rent out fairly frequently. You’ll also have to consider your campervan insurance charges: check that you’re covered for what you want to achieve.


You might want to take a deposit for renting your van to cover any possible damages, particularly if your model is rare. For weddings you should be reasonably safe, but school proms or parties can get a little out of hand so beware – don’t let anyone spill red wine on the seats! Two or three hundred pounds is usually a reasonable amount to ask and cheque is a good way to take a deposit – it can just be torn up if you don’t want to take from it.

Renting out your camper might give you that extra bit of income to enjoy your time a little bit more when you can use it. Be as professional as you can in terms of advertising, cleaning and deposit taking but don’t charge where you don’t have to – there’s a lot of power in getting repeat customers.

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