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Repairing your Motorhome

Repairing a damaged motorhome can often be a real problem, especially if you’re just about to set off on a big trip or, worse still, if you’re away from home already. Unfortunately, reliability problems do plague a lot of motorhomes and damages are something that just have to be dealt. Make sure, though, you’re always dealing with repairs safely and efficiently – below are a few tips to help you out.

Interior Damage

Most small interior repairs can be patched up quite easily but accidents do happen. In the worst case scenario the best thing you can do is look to source a spare part. If you bought your motorhome new your dealer is the place to go for a spare part but it might be more challenging for second hand or vintage models. There are a lot of resources online and there’s plenty of items available on sites like eBay, but always be sure to check the specification of your old part carefully and get something that is an exact match.

Mechanical Damage

Unless you’re particularly skilled mechanic it’s likely that you’ll have to take your motorhome in to the dealer to repair any mechanical parts; engines and drive trains are just too big and lethal to deal with single handily. It’s always worth trying to identify the problem yourself but make sure you’re not tinkering with any electronics or mechanical parts too regularly – you might do both yourself and your motorhome permanent damage.

Warrantees and Insurance

You’d be surprised at what you’re able to claim under warrantee these days and if you have a new motorhome then it’s always worth trying your warrantee provider first. Motorhome Insurance is your second port of call and you can stand to save an awful lot of money by getting well covered. Be careful with some policies and warrantees, however, many companies require you to go to specialist dealers that they will recommend to you for repairs.

Damages are nasty business, particularly if you’re in the middle of a holiday but regular servicing, a good insurance policy and a bit of savvy research about where to source interior parts you can make the best of a bad lot.

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