Running your Motorhome on Biofuels

Running your motorhome can sometimes prove to be quite costly, especially when you add up the price of the motorhome itself, accessories, motorhome insurance, and last but certainly not least – petrol. The cost of petrol is always being discussed in the news, and the price these days to fill up your tank can be shocking. Furthermore, petrol unfortunately creates toxic gases as waste products that are bad for the environment and have even been linked to global warming.

So it is unsurprising then to see that many people are now looking for alternatives to petrol, including electricity and biofuels, and it has recently been discussed in the RVing section of the Fun Times Guide which biofuels are the best to use when filling up your motorhome. They begin by discussing the benefits of biodiesel fuel which is diesel fuel that is blended with natural oils that are found in a variety of plants, meaning that it is more sustainable and better for the environment. Currently, one of the most popular crops used to create biodiesel is the soybean, and during processing the fuel is made ready to be pumped straight into your car so that you don’t have to worry about mixing the fuels yourself.

For those that want to be even more environmentally friendly, the Fun Times Guide has discussed how to use vegetable oil to run your motorhome, however this does mean that you will have to modify your engine first. They say that to run your motorhome on vegetable oil you need to “Simply collect waste fryer oil from restaurants, run it through a series of filters to remove impurities, and then send it to a second fuel tank in your vehicle.”

“Next, you would start the engine on regular diesel fuel, and after it has come up to normal operating temperature, you just flip a switch and run off straight vegetable oil from the second tank. While your engine is coming to temperature, the heat of the engine is used to heat the tank of vegetable oil, thinning it to the point that it will flow through the fuel system.”

Whilst running your motorhome on biofuels may seem difficult and time-consuming at first, it is important to give it a go and try to do your bit to protect the environment. It will also mean you will be able to save money on petrol and go on more journeys throughout the year.

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