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Security for Motorhomes

Motorhome Security LockThefts and break-ins are common in the motorhome community and it’s more than likely that you’ve heard a horror story about a particular incident. The truth is that motorhomes are expensive and very often easy targets for thieves who are hoping to find valuables inside. Here’s a few tips for keeping your motorhome secure…

Wallets, Phones and Keys

Keep anything, yes anything, that might be of any value on your person as often as is practical. If you’re off for a swim, for example, it’s best to leave your wallets locked away inside your motorhome but make sure to hide them from view – most thieves in caravan parks are opportunists and the sight of an unguarded item might just be enough to encourage somebody to break a window.

Security Alarms

Some models will come with alarms fitted but if you haven’t got one on your motorhome it’s well worth buying an alarm system that detects unwanted entrances through doors or windows as opposed to the driver’s door. GAP systems are the industry standard, but check the details of your system and you may even find you can save some money on your motorhome insurance quote.

Drive Locks

You’ve probably seen the yellow and grey bars that fit across the steering wheel of a car preventing anyone who has broken in from driving off. Well, you can find just the same gadget for a motorhome! These drive locks will, of course, prevent someone driving off if they are able to break in, but they act best as a deterrent – they tell any thief that you are someone who has security in mind and so, quite possibly, you have an alarm system fitted.

Security is a big deal if you’re a motorhome owner and though ninety percent of the campsites you’ve stayed are extremely secure you can never be too careful. It only takes one incident to spoil a holiday. Get prepared and get secure.

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