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Spring Clean Your Motorhome

Though the weather isn’t showing it just yet, spring is only around the corner and before you know it summer will be with us. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about spring cleaning your motorhome and making sure it’s all in order when you really want to get travelling in the summer. So here is our quick guide to motorhome spring cleaning…

A Quick Once-Over

The first thing to do with your motorhome is to give everything a rigorous once-over clean. Wipe down all the surfaces as they have probably accumulated some dust over the winter, clean out the sinks and bathrooms and finish it up with a hoover. Also give the upholstery some attention and vacuum out between the seats. This will get the absolute worst of the dust and grime out and gives you a chance to move onto step two.

Air Your Motorhome

After you’re done with the initial clean, give your motorhome an hour or two to air. This should help to prevent any damp and will also give dust you’ve kicked up a chance to escape. If you’re blessed with a sunny day then leave your doors and windows open for a while and keep an eye on your motorhome. If not, then keep it in your garage and use the air-con to good effect.

Final Touches

Once your motorhome is fresh and aired you may want to give the windows a clean and perhaps redo the surfaces. Also top up the oil and water and, if needs be, take a look at the brake fluid levels. It’s worth seeing to any of those small repairs you were meant to get round to last year too. All of this can prevent a nasty motorhome insurance claim later in the year.

A spring clean is a great thing to do once a year and getting stuck in for a half a day really makes a difference when you come to use your motorhome in the summer. You’ll be surprised how much dust accumulates in an unused motorhome so get to it sooner rather than later!

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