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Taking Breaks

The freedom of the open road is often too tempting and it’s not uncommon to hear of incidents where motorhome drivers have become overtired and distracted at the wheel. Though it’s great that you are able to drive seemingly limitlessly in a motorhome, it is really important on long trips to factor in breaks. This doesn’t have to detriment your journey time though: it’s all about being strategic.

Safe Driving

It’s not wise to drive for much more than eight hours a day and you definitely shouldn’t drive over three hours without a break for some fresh air and a rejuvenate. Though it can be tempting to push on, especially if you’re close to your destination, it really is best to be safe than sorry and you may find that incidents where you have been overtired are not covered on your motorhome insurance policy.

Caffeine Supplements

Often drivers use caffeine supplements – tablets or energy drinks – for that extra bit of energy. What’s important to remember is these often contain a lot of sugar to compliment the caffeine and this might perk you up for an hour or so, but you’re pretty sure to hit a low soon afterwards. The natural caffeine in tea or coffee is a much slower release and much better for long trips.

Sharing the Burden

It’s common nowadays for motorhome owners to share the driving. This is a great idea, but you still need to make sure both drivers are well rested and comfortable. Driving on two or three hours sleep is still unwise and you’ll almost certainly need a long day’s rest when you arrive. It’s often better to do longer stints with lots of breaks than to keep swapping drivers intermittently.

When you’re feeling tired you need to give in and pull safely into somewhere you can stop and rest. Don’t push anything further than you need to and don’t forget that the beauty of the motorhome is that it allows you to sleep anywhere!

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