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Taking Your Dog on a Motorhome Holiday


When it comes to going on holiday it is often a hassle of trying to find someone to look after your dog for two weeks. The dog is of course part of the family, and given the choice, they would probably come with you. Well taking a motorhome holiday is perfect for taking your pets with you. If you have your own motorhome then this shouldn’t be much of an issue. All you have to do it tell your motorhome insurance provider that you will have a dog on board as your policy many not cover damage caused by your pet.

Renting A Motorhome

When renting a motorhome on the other hand, you must make sure you research fully that the company will accept animals on board. If they don’t mind then away you go. The next step after getting your dog on board is making sure that the campsites that you are going to be visiting are dog friendly. This means checking that they have dog disposal bins and possibly areas for the dogs to be where they aren’t going to interfere with other guests at the campsite.

Dog Accessories

There are a few accessories that can help the ease of the journey when travelling with a dog. A good one to have is food and water dog bowls that are anti-slip and anti-spill. Also have some blankets or covers to put over our upholstery for travelling and those muddy days. Let’s face it; if you are holidaying in England, you are going to have many a muddy day.

Cleaning Products

You may also want to consider taking some good quality cleaning products that will clean furniture and carpet. Muddy paw prints can be hard to get out but can’t be helped happening. The best way is just not to worry and find some products that are going to work.

Do remember that not everyone is going to love your dog as much as you and they are on their holiday too. Clean up after your dog and make sure there is no loud barking long into the night. If you are savvy with your decisions the whole family will have a great holiday.

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