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Test Drive Before Buying


According to research, 1 in 10 motorhome owners have bought their motorhome insurance before even test driving the vehicle. This is because most people are now researching online or in specialist magazines before going to a showroom and speaking to a salesman. According to those who took part in the research, 10 per cent said their reason for this was because they don’t like talking to salesmen.

Buying a Motorhome

For many, buying a motorhome is the second biggest expense after buying a house. This is why not test driving a vehicle is baffling experts who strongly believe a test drive is an essential part of finding the right vehicle. Those who are also trying to sell motorhomes often say that a test drive often seals the deal if a buyer is not 100 per cent about their decision.

The Research

The research revealed that it is the younger generation of motorhome owners, those under 30, who aren’t taking a test drive. On the other hand, the older driers often arrange to have back to back test drives between different dealers so comparing the vehicles is a lot easier. This also means that they are in complete control of the purchase. Although older drivers also do a lot of research, these are the drivers that know the only way to actually know if you are going to enjoy a holiday in it is to actual drive it.

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