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The Beauty of the Motorhome

If you’re a regular camper or someone who likes to travel around a bit, you’ve almost certainly come across a few motorhomes in your time – perhaps you’ve stayed in one or two and just envied your dry neighbours from a sodden and windswept tent. If you’ve ever thought of owning a campervan then here are a few reasons that might tempt you to join the motorhome club…


The best thing about a motorhome is that it offers you ready-made transport whenever you need it. Though many people do take cars on a camping trip, a motorhome is far more flexible when it comes to the rougher ground around campsites and pitches. You might also find that motor home insurance is more cost effective than covering a car and expensive camping equipment, especially if you’re going abroad.

Set-up time

Most people’s residing memory of camping is setting up a tent in a windswept field, bending pegs into rocky ground and trying to figure out quite why a particular pole is two inches shorter than the entrance. With a motorhome there’s no need to worry about setting up canvas if you don’t want to – just park up and enjoy a sound night’s sleep!


Here in the UK, probably the biggest draw for the campervan owner is that it’s reliably dry. Even in the height of August there’s no guarantee that the weather will be fine, but a campervan gives you all the flexibility of canvas without the risk you take with the weather. Your clothes will stay dry, you’ll have a better night’s sleep and above all you don’t need to worry about the roof blowing away over your head!

If you’re someone who travels a lot then a campervan might really be a great thing for you. Though they do cost to buy new, there are plenty of options available and they really can add a lot of enjoyment to your holiday.

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