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Towing a Car: The Pros and Cons


Lots of motorhome drivers started off as static or mobile caravan owners and decided to make the switch to a motorhome. As anyone who has tried both will know, this has many benefits but a common complaint of those who have switched is that you suffer in terms of mobility. If you need emergency supplies at midnight or want to nip down to the beach before sunset, you’ll unfortunately have to take your whole motorhome with you. One solution is to tow a car, but there are pros and cons attached to this.

Mobility and Ease of Use

You will definitely find that a car gives you the flexibility to go where you want. Lots of people who are new to motorhome driving underestimate the skill it takes to park a motorhome and the restrictions there are on spaces. You will definitely be able to access the nooks and crannies of the countryside that you couldn’t before. Equally, it is very useful to have a car if you have a large group: sometimes you’ll want to split up and do different things.

Efficiency and Cost

Driving a motorhome with a car in tow is not always easy and you will certainly notice the difference in fuel consumption. If you’re travelling a long way, it’s worth calculating the increase: once you factor in the additional costs of towing in terms of fuel and motorhome insurance, it might even be worth hiring a car. Of course, nothing beats the convenience of having your own vehicle, but it depends how much you’re willing to pay!

Campsite Etiquette

If you are towing a car it may be convenient to park it right on your pitch, but some campsites simply don’t have the room for this and offer parking elsewhere. If you’re travelling at a quiet time you probably won’t have any problems, but it’s always worth bearing in mind local regulations, particularly if you have a larger-than-average motorhome.

Whether to tow or not will depend on where you’re travelling, how long for and who is in your party. For larger parties and shorter distances it can be highly recommended, but it’s a long way down the M5 with a car in tow! If in doubt, give it a try and see how you get on: you can always change your mind next time…

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