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Travelling in a Motorhome with Older Passengers

Image of child and grandfather on a beachLast month Comfort Insurance posted a blog on how you can achieve an enjoyable motorhome holiday even if you are taking small children with you, so this month we decided to turn the tables and look at how you can do the same with older passengers. Even though travelling with older passengers can be easier than travelling with young children, there are still certain things that need to be considered in order to make sure they enjoy their trip just as much as everyone else! Here we explain in more detail:

Adapting your Motorhome Holiday

One of the great things about motorhome holidays is that they are extremely adaptable, meaning that they can be enjoyed by all ages. In order to ensure that everyone enjoys your motorhome holiday, it is important that you don’t forget to adapt certain aspects of it, otherwise you may make people feel uncomfortable or left out. For example, while you may have an extreme passion for mountaineering or surfing, if you are travelling with older people, young children or even those without a passion for the same things as you, you could end up ruining their holiday. This is why it is important to think about every single person who will be on the motorhome holiday with you, and ensure that each one has something to look forward to or the ability to take part in alternative activities should they not want to join in with you.

Staying Healthy and Happy

In our previous blog we highlighted the importance of ensuring that you bring everything you need on your motorhome trip to ensure that your child remains healthy and happy, and the same can be said for older passengers as well. Even if they are completely fit and healthy, you still need to plan ahead and bring a First Aid kit should they, or anyone else for that matter, injure themselves while on your trip. If you are an older person and you know that you have certain ailments, then it is advisable for you to see your doctor before hitting the road. They could provide useful advice on how to stay safe, as well as warn you of any dangers you may encounter that may have previously slipped your mind. Going on holiday should be relaxing and enjoyable, so make sure you don’t let anything ruin it by taking your health seriously!

Choosing a Campsite

We are extremely lucky here in the UK, as there are a number of campsites across the nation, each of which offers different facilities. However, you should be careful when it comes to picking a campsite or caravan park if you have older passengers with you, especially if they have mobility issues. Even though all campsites are required to provide facilities for those that have mobility issues, some are better than others, which means that you should make sure whatever campsite you pick will be the best one for you and your passengers’ needs. Furthermore, some campsites cater more for families with young children, so if everyone in your motorhome is over the age of eighteen and wants a relaxing holiday away from young children you may want to give these a miss! To find out more about UK campsites, search online or purchase dedicated motorhome and camping magazines to read detailed reviews.

Going it Alone

After retiring, a number of people choose to purchase a motorhome and go on a trip that they may have been putting off for years – and who can blame them! Here at Comfort Insurance we have provided caravan and campervan insurance to a number of individuals who are planning on spending their retirement years travelling the world in their motorhome or campervans, some of which who have never been in a motorhome before! If you are thinking of embarking on such a journey, especially if it’s your first time, make sure you search online for other likeminded people that you could meet along the way and take part in activities with or just find out more about motorhome holidays. You would be surprised how many people choose to go on long-haul motorhome journeys during their retirement, so make sure you meet up with them and share your experiences!

Here at Comfort Insurance we believe that motorhome holidays are for all ages, and our past two blogs posts have shown how you can achieve an enjoyable holiday no matter what age you or your passengers are!

Photo by Richard Gillin / CC BY-SA 2.0

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