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UK drivers swear by Satellite Navigation!

A report from one of the UK’s leading windscreen repair companies suggests motorhome owners along with a great number of other motorists are becoming more reliant on an on-board satellite navigation system.

A poll of more than 2,000 Autoglass customers found that 64% of those questioned said they now relied on their sat-nav system to take them on journeys they were unaccustomed to making, while 1 in 5 of the respondents said they could not function properly without one. The seemingly ubiquitous GPS systems have certainly revolutionised route finding methods for motorists in the UK over the last decade and although many mobile home drivers have found themselves making a claim on their motorhome insurance after they have been misdirected into a stream, dead-end or someone’s front garden it appears that more and more of us are happy to put them in charge of the map reading. In fact the survey revealed that the most common problem drivers experience with faulty directions are being sent the wrong way up a one way street but there are plenty of drivers willing to swear their device directed them into much more complicated situations.

Matthew Mycock, managing director of Autoglass, said “While sat-nav malfunctions do sometimes cause accidents and lead to dangerous situations, we would always urge drivers to exercise a degree of common sense when using technology on the roads.”

It is indeed a lack of common sense that does appear to account for many drivers finding themselves in an awkward position after blindly following instructions, and it is certainly a worry when 1 in 5 drivers say they would be quite literally lost without one. All drivers are advised to make routine checks on their vehicles before they set off on a long journey which should include tyres, wipers, and basic engine checks, it would also be a good idea to take a secondary direction finding device such as a map.

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