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Vehicle Repair Centre Welcomes MOT Reprieve

A Lancashire vehicle repair centre has welcomed the Government decision to leave the MOT test as an annual event and say UK roads will be safer as a result.

The Karl Vella vehicle repair centre spends a lot of time caring for and repairing bodywork on campervans and motorhomes as well as conventional cars and vans. The company were one of those who wrote to the Department for Transport (DfT) urging them not to make any changes in the MOT testing structure. Their main fears were that less testing would mean more unsafe vehicles on UK roads but they also feared changing to the European system would mean job losses in the vehicle repair industry.

Welcoming the DfT’s decision to maintain the status quo, owner Karl Vella said: “I am pleased the Government has listened to the concerns expressed by industry professionals and decided not to press ahead with changing the annual test. My main concern is that we would have had cars going round with serious undetected faults on them, which could have been sorted out sooner. If the annual MOT test would have been scrapped, our roads would have been less safe, it would have cost motorists more in the long run and jobs would have been at risk in an industry which is having a tough time already. The Government has made the correct decision and I welcome it.”

Many experts believe a change in the system would have seen a rise in motorhome insurance as accidents became more common place and faults developed into bigger problems causing even bigger repair bills. However, Justine Greening the Transport Minister said that the industry would be put under the microscope from now on even though she has not changed the system. She said garages that carried out MOT tests could no longer expect to get away with the poor service discovered in a Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) survey.

Vosa revealed 25% of vehicles tested were coming away from the test with serious faults undiscovered and said the DfT should take a more rigorous role in ensuring motorists got a better deal from the MOT service. Ms Greening confirmed this would now be the case and mystery shoppers and unannounced checks would be made to ensure the public were not being “taken for a ride”.

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