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World's Most Lavish Motorhome Launched


The world’s most expensive motorhome is up for sale, and it will cost any prospective owner, wait for it…a cool £1.9 million. That is two times more per square foot than the lavish properties that can be found in Hampstead, London – one of the UK’s most exclusive postcodes. Expensive stuff then!

Marchi Mobile, an Austrian company, is behind the 40ft mansion on wheels. It has been named the EleMMent Palazzo and boasts a master bedroom with an en suite, a rainfall shower and a 40 inch flat-screen television. This is one pimped out motorhome.

The motorhome also comes with a pop-up roof terrace measuring 215 sq ft, under-floor heating and a bar. The drivers cab also includes a bunk bed for resting your head between those long journeys whilst someone else takes over driving duties.

The EleMMent can also be fitted with mobile internet, a working fireplace, streaming video surveillance and satellite TV. The luxury motorhome also includes a glow in the dark finish in order to improve security at night time. You wouldn’t want to leave such a vehicle down any old street would you?! A motorhome insurance quote may also be astronomical for such a vehicle, however, if you can afford the motorhome itself, then you’ll probably be able to afford the insurance!

Please note, at this point, we haven’t even got to the most impressive touch yet. That is the “sky lounge” which opens at the touch a button and features under-floor heating and a rather swanky bar. The engineering and attention to detail that must have gone into building such a machine is quite incredible.

The motorhome weighs 20 tonnes, and so needs a rather large engine to shift all that weight! Which it does indeed have, however, the 510bhp engine will only propel the motorhome to 93mph, but would you really want to travel that quickly in such a vehicle? It is also not the most fuel efficient machine ever built, at 13mpg, however, for its enormous size, that is still very impressive and can be partly attributed to its aerodynamic design.

The £1.9 million price tag is also just the start. The company have stated that the sky really is the limit and that they can, if requested, cover it in diamonds. Any takers?

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