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Children’s Charity receives Caravan

Caravan owners all know the joy of spending time on the road in their trailers, and now a children’s charity has recently received a caravan so that seriously-ill children can also take part in the experience. The charity was set up by seventeen year old Alice Pyne, who tragically died this year after fighting Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for over five years, and it provides holidays for other children in need as well as their families. Through various fundraising events, the charity was able to come up with enough money to buy their very own caravan, which is sure to bring much joy to many children.

The charity, Alice’s Escapes, is based in Ulverston and last Sunday the Willerby Winchester 2013 arrived at the nearby Bardsea Leisure Park. Discussing the arrival of the new caravan, Alice’s mum Vicky said: “Taking delivery of the caravan marked a very special day for the charity. I felt a mixture of emotions watching its arrival – immense pride in what we have all achieved, but sadness that Alice wasn’t here to witness the arrival with us.”

The charity is currently getting the caravan ready so that it can start being used for trips, and as caravan owners will know this can sometimes be expensive due to the cost of caravan insurance and accessories. However, Alice’s sister Milly has already had a great response from many members of the public willing to help out by buying items from their Amazon wish list. Trustees from Alice’s Escapes, Cathy and Simon Broomfield have discussed all the help from the public and said: “The charity wants to thank the incredible support we have had from Willerby Caravans (manufacturer) and the suppliers Westfield Caravans and Kendal Caravans. Also to Hi-Line Transport.”

“All of these companies have helped us so generously in making Alice’s dream come to reality. Also to Arrad Foot Balconies who are constructing the decking on site. But the biggest thank you of all has to be to Gillian and Terry Varley of Bardsea Leisure who have been meticulous in the arrangements and have gone out of their way in their support for Alice’s Escapes. Of course none of this would have been possible without the incredible fundraising support the charity has received, we hope that everyone who has supported the charity will be proud to view the caravan. We will be holding an official opening ceremony in March.”

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