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Motorhome Cooking

Kitchen in MotorhomeSo if you’re out in the wild somewhere (or perhaps just in the park down the road), eventually you’re going to need to think about food: hungry campers are not happy campers! The beauty of a motorhome is that, depending on the size, model and power you have available, you ought to be able to cook up some pretty good food. Here are some tips for cooking in your motorhome:


Be realistic about what you can and can’t do with the equipment you have available. It’s pretty common for most motorhomes or campervans to have a decent size stove, a fridge and perhaps an oven but don’t expect to be able to roast a chicken and potatoes at the same time! Also be sure to make use of refrigerators and freezers and prioritise your space carefully – milk won’t keep for too long out of a fridge but yesterday’s leftovers will probably be fine.

Using your stove

A stove can do so many things – particularly if it’s gas – and though you might not have the functionality you’d have from a range at home you can still cook well. Woks are brilliant tools for the all-in-one stir fry because they get hot all around, giving you lots of space to fry, and a big, wide bottomed frying pan is the ideal tool for cooking lots of items at once.


If you’re really looking to get gourmet and are thinking of fitting out your campervan with something out of the ordinary then be sure you can get cover for it on your motorhome insurance. Fire doesn’t mix especially well with canvas overhangs and you’ll need to think about good ventilation. Be sure to check it out with your insurer.

Cooking on the go doesn’t have to mean compromise. Use your equipment to the best effect and don’t be afraid to adapt meals you’d normally cook at home for your motorhome. Always prioritise freshness if you can and definitely make the most of the local area – you never know what treats you might find from the farm shop down the road.

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