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New Technologies for Older Drivers


In a previous post we wrote about how older motorhome drivers are on the increase. As a result of this, researchers in the industry are trying to find out what technologies are the most attractive to these drivers. After all these are the people who will be boosting sales!

Older Drivers

Drivers over 50 are those that have been targeted in this research as they are the ones most likely to buy a motorhome that has modern technology. Generally speaking, drivers over this age are considered to be safer than those that are between 18 and 24. However, there are devices available to help increase road safety. 1000 motorhome owners were asked to choose their favourite device out of a list of 25.


The technology that was the most popular amongst drivers is the blind spot warning system. It works by telling the driver how close other vehicles are on the road but of those that can’t be seen in mirrors when changing lanes. This is good news for those who provide motorhome insurance policies because every year there are hundreds of claims that are “blind spot accidents”.

The next favourite on the list were smart headlights. This changes the amount of light depending on how close the traffic is. It helps to reduce glare and also improves vision during the night. Next on the list, coming in at joint third favourites was a system that monitors reversing and device that can help the driver park. This help increase driver confidence because they know how far away from the vehicle other objects are so damage by hitting them is reduced.

New technologies for motorhomes are entering the market quickly and good knowledge of them will increase driver confidence and encourage safe driving and therefore reducing the number of claims made each year.

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