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Wildlife and Campervans

WildlifeA part of the joy of owning a campervan is that you can get out in the fresh air, away from the city and experience what the countryside has to offer. Of course, it’s important to remember that there’s more than blue skies and rolling hills to the countryside; it’s a close-knit eco-system which, if you’re hoping to explore, needs to be respected and looked after. Here are our top tips for respecting wildlife when in your campervan.

Eco-Safe Camping

Though most campsites will be enough to scare off any wildlife, if you’re actually wild-camping, do be careful when you decide to park up for the night. It’s very easy to unknowingly disturb wildlife and you’ll need to be aware of cattle, birds and things like foxes and deer. Don’t run your engine excessively in forested or wild areas and leave absolutely no litter.

Beware of Warm Engines The bonnet of your motorhome is an ideal place for a hedgehog or badger to come and take a kip – it’s usually much warmer than a pile of leaves. It’s always worth flashing a torch around your bonnet and from tyres before you drive away, just to check nothing has come to settle. At worst, you could end up hitting a pet cat or stray dog, so do be careful.

Wildlife while Driving

We’ve all had that moment where a deer has dashed out into the headlights and not known how to react. The only way to make these sort of incidents safer is to slow down when driving on country lanes and make sure you’re able to react in time. If you do hit an animal, make sure you pull over at a safe place to assess the damage; you will need the details for your campervan insurance claim.

As campervan users, if we want to keep enjoying the environment we have to respect it, and though that can sometimes mean taking a little more time or effort, it will be worth it in the end.

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