Try something new on your motorhome trips in 2016!

Image of blog titlePeople often get stuck in their ways with holidays and like to stick to what they know and love however if you are planning a motorhome trip in 2016 why not try something new? The luxury of travelling in your campervan is that you are free to do exactly what you want. This is why trying something new in 2016 is easy.

Visit somewhere you haven’t been before

If you tend to stick to the same holiday destination each year why not go somewhere you have always wanted to go. With a motorhome holiday you are spoilt for choice. You can go anywhere in your motorhome and even if you can’t drive there you could always fly to the destination and then rent a motorhome once you are there. Alternatively, if you tend to head to one destination on your trip you could try mixing it up and plan a road trip to see as many sights as you can fit into the time you have off.

Take friends who haven’t been before

Take friends on your holiday that have never been on a motorhome holiday before. This will be a great experience for them and will open their minds to all of the fun and exciting things you can do on a motorhome holiday. Unless people have tried motorhome holidays they may turn their nose up to the idea but take them under your wing and show them the ropes and you will change their perspective. You may even find yourself with some motorhome holiday friends for life!

Try a different type of holiday

Motorhome holidays can be planned for all year round therefore if you find yourself going on the same summer holiday every year why not try something a little different? Motorhomes are great for driving up those long winding roads into the mountains and having a skiing holiday with the family and fortunately we have many ski resorts here in Europe. You could also consider a hiking holiday in the spring or autumn or even try out some extreme sports like white water rafting or mountain biking! You could also try going to the same place you normally go but at a different time of the year. You may see your favourite destination in a completely different light!

Go somewhere further away

Try planning a road trip that will take you further than usual. Travelling round France and Spain will show you a wide range of scenery and culture however if you head even further out you will be able to see a lot more! Not only could the scenery and culture change but you can end up seeing a completely different way of life. Culinary dishes become a lot more adventurous and you may even spot some animals you have never seen before which the children will love!

Go for a longer period of time

Finding the perfect time for the whole family to get away together can often be challenging. Once you have found the perfect time why not try getting away for longer than you usually do? You could even plan to have some time alone with the family then meet other friends in another destination to break up your holiday slightly.

There are so many different ways each individual likes to spend their time on a motorhome holiday so why not try something new on your motorhome trips in 2016?