Going fishing?

Whether you are or not, there are some urban fishermen out there who are getting very skilful with a cane and a hook.  Their catch would not be familiar to the average angler – what they are after is keys.  Anyone who leaves vehicle keys on a table or on a hook near their front door provides these thieves with an easy target.  The cane is pushed through the letter-box and either a hook or some blu-tack is used on the end to remove the keys.  Inevitably, the next thing that happens is that the vehicle is driven off.

On a similar subject, it should be an obvious statement but items left on view in a vehicle present a clear invitation the thieves.  Even the cradle of a sat-nav unit could be enough to tempt a would-be thief to have a closer look.  Simple precautions may just be enough to prevent an unwelcome loss.