Vandal returns to cause thousands of pounds worth of damage

Chester Police have stepped up their hunt for a mindless yob that has once again left a trail of destruction in the neighbourhood of Hoole. During the last three weeks a vandal has caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to vehicles.

The latest attack happened at the weekend and resulted in severe damage to the bodywork of at least six vehicles, two of them motor caravans whose owners will now have to claim on their motor home insurance. It is the third incident to hit both Faulkner Street and Philip Street in Hoole in the last five months. The latest incident brings the number of vehicles attacked by the vandal to thirty six.

It is very difficult for someone to avoid becoming a victim to this sort of crime because the vast majority of residents in the area affected are reliant on street parking. The police are asking residents who have CCTV to look at the footage in a bid to identify the culprit.

PC Gareth Lawrence, who is leading the investigation, said “All of the incidents are more than likely linked, and I urge residents to be on their guard for suspicious behaviour. This is nothing more than a mindless act of vandalism. The culprits clearly have no acknowledgement of the cost or inconvenience this type of criminality wreaks on the victims. At this stage I would imagine it is just one person we are looking for, although without any direct evidence it’s very hard to say.”

The police will be stepping up patrols in the neighbourhood, especially at the weekends for the next few months. They are even planning to use undercover officers and other measures to help find the perpetrators and assure residents they are doing all they can to bring the crime spree to a halt.