Motorhome business launched on former Caravan site

A group of workers from Northwich, Cheshire have bounced back from being made redundant and are now offering motorhomes for sale right next to the company who sacked them.

Roger Firth, Gary Stevenson, Andy Roberts and Nichola Floyd all worked in the servicing department of Discover Leisure who sold caravans and motorhomes. When the firm went bust the four friends decided to chance their arm at setting up a business together and A&E Leisure was born. The company operates adjacent to their former employer and four friends anticipate their company will sell not only motorhomes and caravans but the accessories that go with them such as motorhome insurance and breakdown cover etc.

Roger, a former technician, said “69 staff lost their jobs when the old Harrington’s site closed down. This is a bit of fighting spirit and good news amongst the bad. A&E Leisure was more born out of necessity more than anything – we all needed a job and needed money coming in so we got together and thought ‘let’s have a go at it’. We’ve got the skills and knowledge of the industry, all we need now are the customers. We’ve saved four jobs but could maybe save more in the local area.”

The area around Northwich has been a graveyard for jobs over the last couple of years and when Harrington Caravans went into administration earlier this year it was just one of many employers who found the area could not support their business. The four friends will hope that previous customers will support them and if enthusiasm plays any part in a successful business it would seem they are well on their way.