Campervan Owner Wins National Award

A campervan owner from the Isle of Wight has won a prestigious award in recognition of her business skills and dedication to other businesses in her community.

Sarah Guy is an entrepreneur on the small island off the Southern coast of the UK and has a niche business renting out campervans to tourists. It was her skilful and dogged approach to starting out the business from scratch plus her thoughtfulness in promoting other local businesses that won her the NatWest Everywoman Hestia Award. The award is given to inspirational woman who run community spirited rural businesses.

Karen Gill, one of the co-founders of the awards, said “Yet again we have uncovered a host of role models who are testament that vision and determination equal success and that Britain remains a strong breeding ground for enterprise.”

Sarah started Isle of Wight Camper Vans just five years ago and never imagined the business would grow so quickly. She sold her car to raise the capital for her first campervan after getting the idea after touring Australia in a motorhome. The business has taken off much quicker than she expected and she now has to arrange campervan insurance for a dozen vehicles. Tourists love the idea of touring the island in a motorhome and Sarah has ensured her business does its best to promote the whole island. Her campervans give tourists information on where to source amenities that are run by local people, such as restaurants, cafés, laundry services and tourist activities.

The vans’ colourful exteriors are now recognised all over the Isle of Wight and tourists from all over the world are taking advantage of a novel way to see a beautiful island.