Campervan firm Unrepentant over Cannabis Advert

An Australian Campervan rental firm, who incurred the wrath of police forces across Australia last month after apparently offering drug takers special discounts, have been warned not to advertise in a similar manner in the UK.

Wicked Campers, a worldwide campervan rental company, offered tourists visiting their Australian website a special deal in the run up to Christmas by advertising: “Smoke Weed? Love it? Well we love you so we’re gonna give you an EXTRA DAY FREE! Don’t drive drunk, smoke pot and fly!!! Your friends will be GREEN with envy when they see the awesome pics of you in your Wicked Camper!”

It adds: “So get on down to your local Wicked Depot and tell them Cheech and Chong sent you and we’ll give you an EXTRA DAY FREE!”

Australian traffic police said the advert was highly provocative with one spokesman saying: “I am outraged that a company is encouraging people to take illicit drugs and drive. Cannabis can have a significant impact on drivers’ reaction times; it can distort perceptions of speed and distance and also impact on concentration and coordination when driving.”

A spokesman for a motoring organisation in the UK said: “This advertising is highly negligent and encourages illegal and dangerous behaviour.” He reminded drivers that drug driving was illegal in the UK and warned that a driver’s campervan insurance policy would more than likely be invalidated if the driver knowingly took drugs while driving.

The owner of the campervan company John Webb said he was surprised at the fuss over the advert saying it was just one of many deals the company made and did not encourage people to drive while under the influence of drugs.