Prime Minister backs Campaign for New Motoring Law

Campervan and motorhome owners will be delighted to hear the Government is considering changing motoring laws to make driving under the influence of drugs prosecutable under a specific law.

Prime Minister David Cameron spoke about the possibility of an offence called “drug driving” in Prime Minister’s question time yesterday when answering a question put to him by a fellow MP in the House of Commons. He said: “We are examining it closely in Government; clearly we need to look at whether there will be an opportunity in the second legislative session to take forward the measure. It is important that we take this issue of drug driving seriously.”

It is a step that will be welcomed by most drivers and anyone who has had cause to claim on their motorhome insurance when being involved in an accident where drug driving has been suspected will know how difficult proving guilt can be. Police officers who suspect a driver of being “under the influence” can only ask the driver to take a co-ordination test and then a blood test at a police station. Even then there is no law similar to that with alcohol whereby the amount of a substance in a body can lead to prosecution.

Mr. Cameron supports the idea of machines carried by police officers that will be able to detect drugs such as Cannabis, Cocaine and Ecstasy, but the hard part for boffins at the Department for Transport is to define the amount of a substance in the bloodstream that would compromise the driver’s decision making and control capabilities. It does seem however, that some sort of legislation will find its way on to the statute book sooner rather than later.