AA call for European Co-Operation in Fight on Fuel Pricing

One of the UK’s largest motor organisations is joining forces with similar groups across Europe demanding the European Union launches an enquiry into the cost of diesel.

The joint venture comes as diesel once again looks set to hit a record high at the pumps this weekend. Motorhome owners already accustomed to searching for the best prices in motorhome insurance as well as fuel, will welcome news that the motoring group are prepared to fight their corner, especially as many are members of the AA. The meeting between the motoring groups is set to take place early next month.

The call for more information on fuel prices in Europe is led by the fact that in other areas of the globe there is much more openness about who is making what, in the cash pipeline. In Australia, Japan and the USA consumers get a much clearer view of who is making the profit. A spokesman for the AA said: “There is a lack of transparency in the fuel market, which is of major concern to all of us. We are anxious to understand how the price of European petrol can be $1,200 per metric tonne in 2008 and again in 2011 and yet oil prices are 10% to 15% cheaper, is it the middlemen who are doing the damage here? We have no way of proving it and this is why we need the European commission to investigate.”

Figures released yesterday show that the average forecourt price of diesel was less than 1p below the record average price, and the rising cost of fuel of course affects other prices including food. Motorists will be further agitated next week if the rumours that Shell’s quarterly profits, due to be announced then, will be comfortably over £3 billion.