West End Motorists Saved from More Parking Charges

Campervan drivers who frequent the West End of London in search of entertainment will be delighted to know that the planned introduction of night and weekend parking charges are to be scrapped after opposition from businesses and members of the public.

It will come as a relief to campervan drivers who have refitted their vans and revamped their campervan insurance to allow more passenger space for bringing families into the capital for the weekend and evening entertainment.

Colin Barrow, the retiring leader of Westminster Council, has requested the Chief Executive of the Council to abandon plans to introduce the charges and it appears it is a case of public pressure coming to bear. Newspaper and street campaigns have opposed the changes from the outset and Councillor Barrow admitted this, saying “We have listened to Londoners in the interests of the wider economy and will scrap the charging plans. We need to think long and hard about how we manage traffic in the West End to allow people to go about their business, but it’s clear that these specific proposals did not command public support. I also felt after reflecting on this issue, that it was right to act swiftly rather than wait for the election of a new Council Leader in order to provide clarity for the future.”

The move has been widely welcomed by residents, restaurateurs, and businesses, many of whom use campervans regularly in connection with their trade. Motorists cannot rest on their laurels though because the council admit they still have to balance their books and parking charges are a valuable weapon in their armoury. One Council Cabinet member said: “We will think radically about how we manage traffic in the West End in the future. Our Commission will consider all credible strategies for managing traffic and we’ll reset our parking policies to focus on common sense measures that are fair but encourage people to keep to the rules.”