Park May be Opened all Year for Motorhome Tourists

Motorhome enthusiasts looking to visit the Isle of Man will be delighted to know they may well have more camping options open to them this year if the local council get their way.

For many years campervan and motorhome owners have made a pilgrimage to the Isle of Man to watch and even take part in the annual motor bike festival on the Island. The islanders have always been very welcoming and parts of Noble Park are set aside specifically for campers for the duration of the festival which attracts visitors from all over the globe.

However, when the festival ended so did the rights of campervan owners to use the park facilities. Now the local council believes the islands leisure industry would benefit if motorhome tourists could use the facilities all year round. At a council meeting on Wednesday night David Christian, the council leader, urged fellow councillors to back the plan saying he firmly supported a proposal to allow motorhome users the freedom of the park all year. He said: “The council’s leisure services committee believes it would encourage people into the park and be a benefit for Douglas. Differences in the proposed rules at Noble’s Park and Mooragh Park, in Ramsey, include that awning and wind breakers would be allowed in Douglas.”

The leisure committee will consider representation from many groups but will make a decision in the next seven days. Motorhome owners looking to visit the Isle of Man should check that not only is their motorhome insurance up to date but also that it allows them to go to the island without informing the provider.