Sat-Nav Mistakes Costing Insurers Millions

Motorhome drivers are among the many motorists who are finding that sat-navs are not always the perfect solution to getting from A to B for those who can’t read a map.

A survey of over 2,000 drivers by an online insurance comparison site shows that drivers suffered damage to their cars in excess of £200 million just by following the directions of their satellite navigation systems. It is thought a substantial amount of the damage will have resulted in motorhome drivers claiming on their motorhome insurance when they have been misled into ditches, drains and dead-ends by the little machine on their dashboard.

An amazing 8 out of 10 drivers said their sat-nav had misdirected them, with half of those admitting that they had finished up arguing with the machine. Around three quarters of those misdirected said they had then lost time and money trying to get back on track, and it appears that this is when the accidents happen. Frustrated and lost, many drivers panic and find themselves off the road or in an accident with other vehicles.

The research revealed the Welsh town of Aberystwyth as the most frustrating place in the UK for sat-nav users, with 75% admitting the device regularly left them frustrated while trying to negotiate around the town. Drivers in Northern Ireland are happiest with the device while drivers in Scotland seemed to be driven off track most.

Transport Minister Norman Baker entered the debate on sat-navs saying: “When used sensibly, sat-navs can be useful in helping drivers to plan their journey and navigate. However, all too often out-of-date directions mean misdirected traffic – a scourge of local communities and an annoyance for drivers. That is why I am holding a summit this March to get highway authorities, mapping companies and sat-nav manufacturers to work more closely together to provide drivers with accurate, up-to-date information.”