Park Owner not Amused After Damage to his Speed Bump

A caravan and motorhome park owner has been left with a huge bill and a mystery on his hands after a speed bump on his private driveway was torn in half. Peter Birtles runs the Abbey View Caravan Park in Gronant and was dumbstruck when he woke up to find the half-tonne concrete ramp in two halves.

Peter had paid out of his own pocket for the ramp as well as three other speed bumps to be laid in an attempt to stop drivers going too fast and to deter lost holidaymakers from using the very narrow lane which serves his camping park. He is hopeful that the person responsible will come forward and explain what happened.

Peter Birtles said: “We have had a lot of problems in the past with young people haring up and down our lane in cars and on bikes. Another regular problem we have is with visitors to nearby Presthaven Sands Caravan Park – a lot of sat-navs mistakenly direct people down our lane, where there is no access to Presthaven. The lane is very narrow and is only supposed to serve our park and a few cottages nearby; however, we have seen many owners of big motorhomes and caravans in tears after damaging their prized possessions trying to back out. Because the road is privately owned they worry about their motorhome insurance. I was told by the council that they couldn’t do anything about it, so I decided to pay for the speed bumps myself and they have helped ease the problems a little.”

Peter has looked at getting a new ramp and has been quoted £250. He feels he has no option but to get it repaired because the lane is so narrow and he does not want a repeat of past problems.