Fuel Duty Stays High

The Chancellor, George Osborne, issued a statement last week saying that he has no plans whatsoever to ease the pressure from fuel duty from motorists. An oil shock in Saudi Arabia has caused a spiral in the price of petrol and diesel and this is undoubtedly bad news for motorhome owners – you might find yourself paying considerably more for your holiday this summer than last. What can you do to combat the rise in fuel duty?

Shop Around
The best advice is to not be satisfied with high, motorway service station prices. If you have to go a little off course to save 5p a litre it might just be worth your while! Equally, if you see a well priced petrol station then fill up, even if you don’t need it immediately. Some providers will offer loyalty schemes, too, which are invaluable for the heavy traveller.

Go Abroad
Tax regimes change everywhere, and you’ll find the fuel prices in Europe are slightly lower than here in the UK due to lighter tax regimes. If you’re planning on doing a lot of driving over the course of your trip then it may work out cheaper to jump on a ferry and pay for petrol across the channel rather than stay here!

Look to LPG
The market for liquid petroleum gas (LPG) conversions has taken off in the last few years and there are plenty of places which will convert your motorhome to LPG, a much more efficient, and therefore cost effective fuel. The duty on LPG is minimal compared to petrol in the UK. Make sure that your motorhome insurance provider is happy to cover you for an LPG conversion, though, and be careful – some travel companies (such as Eurotunnel) will not allow LPG vehicles to travel.

Fuel duty is starting to bite hard in the UK and the government don’t seem to want to budge. It’s best to assess your options and work out where the savings can really be had to combat the rising prices.