Fuel Prices Set to Hit New High this Weekend

Campervan drivers filling up in rural areas today may find they are paying record prices. That is the warning issued by motoring organisation the AA and rural living champions the Countryside Alliance (CA).

With oil prices going up once again supposedly due to political tensions in the Middle East, the AA expect fuel prices to increase over the weekend to record levels and a CA report suggests that rural campervan owners will be paying at least 4p per litre more than their urban counterparts. The CA report compared the prices of the 30 cheapest diesel outlets in Rural and Urban areas to come up with the 4p a litre disparity but say in some places the gap is much wider.

Of course savvy campervan drivers can cut their motoring bills by comparing motorhome insurance quotes online to make sure they get the best deals but it still leaves them with high motoring costs. Chairman of the CA, Barney White Spunner, said “The cost of fuel is a major concern for everyone who lives in the countryside, and motor vehicles are fast becoming an unaffordable necessity for many rural families. Not only do people living in rural areas have to drive further to go to work, further to access essential services like schools, doctors and the supermarket; but they have to pay a lot more for their diesel to do so. We urge the Chancellor to help the rural economy get back on its feet and to cut fuel duty in his forthcoming budget.”

The AA said drivers in rural areas should not blame the garage proprietors who they say have bigger overheads than many urban forecourt owners. They too put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the Chancellor of the Exchequer who they say can alleviate the situation immediately by cutting fuel duty in this month’s budget.