Motorhome owner angry after council change parking rules

A couple who have been parking their motorhome on the pavement for the last five years with their local council’s blessing, have suddenly been hit with parking tickets apparently due to a town hall change of policy. Windermere Road in Leeds is a typical urban street with houses built three generations ago. The road is so narrow that residents have habitually parked their vehicles on the pavements to make life easier for everyone.

In the past the council have even painted white boxes on the pavement to encourage the residents to park there to keep the road clear for any emergency vehicles including fire appliances. However, in the last few weeks residents noticed the council’s new parking enforcement vehicle driving up and down the road and in this last week most of them have been hit with parking tickets.

Paul Kilroy and his wife Pam have owned a motorhome since the day they moved into Windermere Road and as their property has no driveway they were delighted that the local council allowed residents to park on the pavement. The recent parking notice now means that they will either have to park on the road, which makes it difficult for other drivers to get past, or find a local company who can store the mobile home for them.

Paul said: “We do not know what to do, if we park on the road we run the risk of our pride and joy getting damaged and having to make a claim on our motorhome insurance policy. If all residents park on the road it makes the road impossible for large vehicles to get past. The council have really not thought this one through.”

Residents of the street have joined together to fight the parking tickets and have contacted their MP and local councillor for support. Both have promised to investigate the matter but it seems they may have a fight on their hands as the council say pedestrians have complained that they cannot walk on the pavement because of parked vehicles.