Drivers in Nottingham the First to be Hit with New Stealth Tax

Just when motorists in the UK thought things just couldn’t get any worse, those working in Nottingham will today find out it probably can!

Campervan drivers, along with other motorists, have suffered a traumatic 12 months when it comes to motoring costs. Not only have they had to battle to find competitive campervan insurance in this period, they have had to battle against rising fuel costs and last week had to battle to even fill their vehicle after panic buying led to massive queues at garage forecourts. From today drivers in Nottingham will probably find they will be hit with parking charges at their workplace as well.

The local council have decided to levy a tax on employers who provide more than 10 parking spaces for their employees. The tax will work out at almost £300 a year per parking space and it is widely anticipated that companies will pass the cost onto its employees. The council say the tax will encourage more people to use public transport thus creating cleaner air and less carbon emissions in the city. Motorists in the city believe it is just another way of taxing people who work and drive.

Edmund King, President of the AA, said “Employers and employees already pay vehicle excise duty, fuel duty, company car tax, motor vehicle insurance and income tax. The Government believes ‘Britain is open for business’ but this additional tax on work suggest that Nottingham is not open for business. This damaging tax on work should be stopped – it will hurt the economy and hit employees who can’t afford it. Three-quarters of our 19,000 AA members who were polled said the fees were a bad idea and should be scrapped, while 84 percent agreed it was just another way of taxing people who work.”

The really bad news for motorists is that other towns and cities are certain to follow if Nottingham proves a success.