TomTom Loses its Way

Campervan enthusiasts looking forward to touring in the Easter break should not get too reliant on their GPS system, especially if it is a TomTom brand.

The Dutch manufacturers of TomTom sat-navs have had to admit that a “leap year software bug” has rendered the machines useless in some locations. Owners with a model that has become susceptible to the malfunction will see a grey screen with text saying “you do not have a GPS signal”. The problem arose on March 31st, and not April Fool’s Day as many assumed, and the makers of TomTom can only suggest that owners should just reset their system to get rid of the gremlin. At this moment in time users in the UK, Switzerland, Australia and Denmark have all reported a problem using the devices.

Motorhome owner Graham Pitt encountered the problem on his way back to Cornwall from Gatwick on Sunday. He said: “The sat-nav refused to shift its position from Gatwick and kept showing a message saying “looking for valid GPS signals”. I assumed it had broken but when I went to check TomTom’s website I saw there were similar complaints about a range of models on its discussion boards. I feel this should have been made public earlier to alert customers to the problem.”

It is not the first problem motorhome insurance companies and motorhome owners have had with sat-nav systems. Only last month a Government led enquiry into accidents caused by drivers being wrongly directed by the devices was held in Whitehall. Insurance experts along with local council’s and manufacturers all agreed that improvements to the systems were urgently required as was guidance into the use of them by the public.