Overnight Parking for Motorhomes Available in Fylde for the First Time

Motorhome owners travelling the North West of England this summer can look forward to parking up in a new location this year as the town of Fylde welcomes overnight campervans for the first time.

Fylde council will today open the car park behind the town centre swimming pool for overnight stops for motorhome owners. The pilot scheme will run until October 1st and so will be available to motorhome enthusiasts in July when the Open Golf Championship takes place at nearby Lytham St Annes. The park will be open seven nights a week but will only allow a maximum of three nights stay. No trailers or caravans will be allowed and only motorhomes up to 10 metres in length will be given access. However, councillors point out that 2012 is very much a pilot and they will monitor the situation carefully and maybe extend and improve the scheme if it is a success. The overnight parking fee will be £5 and prospective campers will have to check with their motorhome insurance provider on how it will affect their cover.

Councillor Albert Pounder is excited about the idea and said: “The aim is to attract prosperous motorhomers to Fylde by emulating the ‘aires’ found in municipalities across France. We think our motorhome ‘park’ will be one of the first in the country and, we hope, will attract motorhomers to Fylde from across the nation. Motorhoming is a fast-growing activity and we expect that visitors will spend money in local shops, pubs and restaurants and thus boost the local tourist economy.”

Motorhome enthusiasts have visited the area for years but the council have never allowed overnight stops mainly to avoid upsetting residents who would object to overnight parking outside their homes. The position of the car park pinpointed for the pilot scheme is away from residential areas and should not affect locals negatively.