Parking Wardens Accused of Overkill in Cornwall

Campervan drivers are amongst the motorists in Cornwall who are experiencing a blitz by parking wardens, as a local paper reports that a motorist somewhere in Cornwall is ticketed every five minutes.

The Western Morning News discovered via a Freedom of Information request that from March 2011 to February 2012 more than 36,000 parking tickets were handed out in Cornwall bringing in revenue of over £1.5 million to the council coffers. Motorists in Truro and Falmouth bore the brunt of the fines but drivers all over the Duchy contributed to the council fund. Motoring organisations were joined by businesses and even Truro Chamber of Commerce in criticising the council and Mayor of Truro Rob Nolan came down on the side of the motorist saying “The wardens are being too heavy handed. The situation is unhelpful, with Cornwall Council regarding Truro as a cash cow. They already take £2 million a year from people parking in our car parks. Plus there are six or seven wardens who jump on you when you drive into the town. More understanding is required of our needs as a market town relying on visitors. Parking has become a revenue earner, which is driving people away.”

It is certainly true that many motor home and campervan enthusiasts include a visit to Truro when travelling through Cornwall and with motoring costs including campervan insurance at record highs they have to be mindful of costs. However, a council spokesman said “Illegal and inconsiderate parking is an issue for local authorities across the country and a major cause of complaints from the public. Enforcement routes incorporate those areas where illegal parking would cause the most significant problems, in particular where parking causes congestion or a hazard, but are flexible enough to deal with more localised issues if required.”