Motor Home Owner Calls on Council to Solve Parking Chaos

Residents of a Bristol suburb are fed up of waiting for the council to impose parking restrictions on their clogged residential road and they claim that the situation is getting worse by the week.

People living in Grittleton Road and Alderton Road in Horfield were first told in 2010 that a scheme to impose parking restrictions in their streets had been given the green light. However, they are still waiting and in the meantime they say the roads have become more dangerous as workers from nearby Southmead Hospital and Horfield Jobcentre use them for parking. Residents are also angry that refuse Lorries cannot get down the roads due to parked cars blocking them on a regular basis.

Michela Foote, who lives in Grittleton Road where all householders have their own driveways, said: “The parking situation is diabolical. People who work nearby at the hospital are using our road as a car park. We were told parking restrictions were going to be implemented years ago but nothing seems to be happening. I’ve lost count of the number of times my motorhome has been blocked in my driveway and I’ve had enough of it. I have even had to make a claim on my motorhome insurance when my mobile home was damaged when it was parked on the road.”

The parking is also causing problems on the pavements as vehicles are parking on them on each side of the road making it difficult for pedestrians to negotiate the pavements safely. In August 2010 the council informed householders they would be progressing with the scheme and said the next stage would be the preparation of legal paperwork. A letter then stated that the implementation of the scheme was likely to be March 2011. But residents are still waiting and have been told by the council that the delay is due to the council needing to resolve eight objections to the scheme. A Council spokesperson confirmed there were objections to be resolved but that the scheme was due to finally get under way in June.